2010 – Wireless research community, where engineering becomes science

According to IEEE Xplore, in this year (2010), there are 845 IEEE papers titled with the words “cognitive radio,” out of which 145 are journal publications.

On the other hand, we have only 11 papers with “TV White Space” titles, in the whole IEEE conferences/journals of 2010. For IEEE 802.22, the number is 13.

I check with the year of 1996 (15 years back). There, we had 83 DS-CDMA papers, and 12 IS-95 papers.

Could anyone say something out of these numbers? First, we see there has been 10 times increase in the number of papers, even if the areas (DS-CDMA and Cognitive Radio) are different. The papers targeting practical systems are to be a smaller portion?
Wireless research community which we have understood, is well coupled with industry. Well, the researchers in 2010, are doing something else, where industry think those topics are still far way?

For the papers with “LTE” titles, these numbers are 306 (IEEE conference+journal) and 20 (IEEE journal), in 2010. How could we have 20 LTE (journal) papers, whereas there are 145 cognitive radio (journal) papers?

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