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Jens Zander on the 5G revenue gap for telecom operators


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Is there a (commercial) future for Software Defined Radios?

Listening to the talks at the SDR Europe today in Brussels on developments of Software Defined Radios makes me somewhat skeptical. Reprogramming the radios to be able to quickly change the radio access waveforms and protocol sounded like a great … Continue reading

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Defining 5G at the ETSI Future Mobile Summit

The ETSI Future Mobile Summit was held in Mandelieu near Cannes on November 21st. The program included quite a breadth of speakers from academia, industry and ETSI, the standards organization itself. The audience, some 160 strong, consisted mainly of ETSI … Continue reading

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ITS conference 2013 – Brief comments on the plenary and spectrum sessions

At the beginning of this week, I attended for the first time the 24th European Regional ITS conference which was held in the beautiful Florence. This conference is mainly regulatory and business oriented, which was quite different from the technical … Continue reading

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A wide spectrum of opinions were shared at a PIMRC panel session on shared spectrum access

The first day of the PIMRC 2013 conference In London, 8-11 september 2013,  there was a panel session about shared spectrum access. The proposal came from partners in the METIS project working with spectrum issues, the members of the organizing committee … Continue reading

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The 700 MHz club is gaining momentum

The European spectrum community (policy markers, mobile industry, broadcasters, satellite companies and public safety) gathered in Brussels this week to discuss vital issues regarding spectrum at the 8th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference. I would like to highlight three take … Continue reading

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Clouds gathering on the DTT Horizon

As I already discussed in a previous blogpost, the days of Digital Terrestrial TV as we know it may be counted – at least in Western Europe. In a recent article, “DTT Quo Vadis” in the EBU Technical Review, Ulrich Reimers points … Continue reading

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TV White Space – a good idea for rural broad band access in Africa?

Google and Microsoft have recently show a lot of interest in providing rural access in Africa. The recent “Balloon craze” aside, TVWS experiments are on the way in several countries. The most well known, may be the experiment run by in … Continue reading

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Ofcom invites industry to do TV White Space Trials

Ofcom is inviting industry to take part in a pilot test to evaluate the feasibility of using TV White Spaces spectrum utilizing geolocation data base based  access. The envisaged commercial applications are broadband access for rural communities, Wi-Fi-like services (primarily … Continue reading

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Riding the Data Tsunami in the Cloud – Myths and Challenges in Future Wireless Access

In this overview article in the March 2013 edition of IEEE Communications Magazine, Jens Zander (Wireless@KTH) and Petri Mähönen (RWTH Aachen University) note that data rates of mobile communications have increased dramatically during the last decade. The industry predicts an … Continue reading

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