Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio 2011

COCORA 2011, the first International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio was held a few days ago in Budapest Hungary. This was an inaugural event dealing with various aspects, advanced solutions and challenges in cognitive (and collaborative) radio networks. It covered fundamentals on cognitive and collaborative radio, specific mechanisms and protocols, signal processing (including software defined radio) and dedicated devices, measurements and applications. Generally the conference contained technical papers presenting research and practical results, position papers addressing the pros and cons of specific proposals or in industry consortia, short papers on work in progress, and some panels.

One of the tutorials more related to my research interest was led by Dr. Maria Stella Iacobucci from Telecom Italia HR Services, with title: “Managing Future Radiomobile and Wireless Networks through Reconfigurable Radio systems”. The tutorial described how this multiplicity of radio access technologies can be integrated in a multi-standard reconfigurable radio system, deployed in network centric, ad hoc, mesh and distributed architectures, by using both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. Considering that with the availability of reconfigurable nodes, the network operator will be able to efficiently manage the radio and processing resource pool, with cost reductions in network deployment, operation and maintenance.

Some of the papers are already published in the following link (with free access): CLICK HERE

I can say that it was a very good combination experiences like sharing your own work and getting feedback, meeting people from the industry, other researchers and students; where many got motivated to continue running the race.  After an exhausting but fulfilling working week, the story had a happy end with a tour offered by the conference organizers where we had a complete day to relax visiting some famous places in Budapest. :)

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