ICMB 2013 in Berlin

The 12th International Conference on Mobile Business took place in Berlin on 10-12 June, 2013. The main theme of the conference was “Mobility – the invisible norm”. This implies the ways mobility affects private life and professional activities, and what kinds of opportunities it provides for businesses. Following topics were discussed: B2B and B2C services and applications, mobile payment services and applications, technologies and platforms, and public services and political issues. Furthermore, the trend of growing role of social media, its provided opportunities, and capabilities was highlighted by a number of speakers during the conference, and became a question of discussions.

I would like to mention quite noticeable activity of Swedish researches. Konrad Tollmar made presentation on “Mobile business models in Asia’s emerging markets”, Per Andersson presented “Cooperation and competition during evolution of technology based service innovation – the case of NFC enabled mobile service in Nice”, and Jan Markendahl presented findings on “Change of market structure for mobile payment services in Sweden – The case of SMS tickets”.

In addition, Jan Markendahl was a chair of one of panel session. It was dedicated to the discussion of mobile markets and applications. Following panelists participated in the discussion: Per Andersson from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden; Jan Ondrus, ESSEC Business School, France; Key Pousttchi, from University of Augsburg, Germany; and Reinhold Sigler a Managing Director of Peaches Group, Germany.

In the conference I presented a paper “Factors influencing the slow rate of penetration of NFC mobile payment in Western Europe”. The main finding of the research was an identified set of interrelated factors, which slow down the spread of NFC based mobile payments and services. The message was well accepted, and one of the suggestion for further research was to make an analysis of successful solutions implemented in the countries outside Europe like Octopus in Hong Kong.

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  1. Jan Markendahl says:

    I would like to add two other items at the ICMB conference in Berlin,
    both from the key note talk by John Strand:

    1. John discussed net neutrality and operating systems for mobile deviced and claimed that “Google, Apple and Microsoft discriminate in many ways”,
    see more http://www.strandconsult.dk/sw5548.asp
    2. John also did compare mobile operators and companies like Facebook.
    Operators have large revenues per user but know very little about the customers, FB has no or very low revenues per user but knows a lot about the users.
    John proposed Facebook to tema up with an operator and offer the user data, contacts etc.

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