Retail Day (Retaildagen)

The Retaildagen took place in Stockholm on the 24th September, 2013. The event was organized by ComputerSweden.

The main themes of the even were related to the future of retail and commerce. Many of the speakers highlighted the growing importance of social media in consumer relationship management, increasing share of e- and m-commerce, opportunities and obstacles related to virtual commerce.

Consumer experience should be managed using all possible channels: at stores, in print and mobile media, Internet, and TV. In order to meet consumer needs in a better ways, retailers should be able to track behavior of the consumers using all available means: multichannel, multi-brands, and multi-connectivity, using specific tools allowing 360˚ overview of consumers.

A vision of a future shop was presented by Bergendahls Food representatives. One of the first “digital shop” of City Gross chain was opened in Kista Science Tower in June, 2013. In order to make purchases, a mobile app should be downloaded to the mobile phone. Then consumers can purchase needed products and items by scanning QR-codes. After completing the payment, products can be taken either from the shop or delivered home by City Gross.


City-Gross digital shop

Link to the original source of the photo.

During the event, Jan Markendahl was interviewed by Tomas Zirn, Computer Sweden reporter. The main topic of the interview was “What are the obstacles for mobile payments?”.  Barriers for mobile payments, problems related to mobile ticketing, fragmentation of the market, and other related questions were discussed.

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