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Private GSMSome years ago the OpenBTS initiative caught large attention; it was suddenly possible to establish a private local network on your own. Some events in remote places etc have utlized the service to add mobile telephony connection over SIP trunks in parallell with WiFi service. During the last year this has developed further, now it is possible to buy complete network setups at affordable prises from enterprises in US, Russia and lately also India. This is interesting and ought to trigger new enterprises and business, but there is as always a problem; you need access to spectrum. The old GSM quad band (850/900/1800/1900) is really the crown jewel of spectrum and thus equally hard to access. There are exceptions though, in Sweden, Netherlands and to some extent also in UK a portion of the 1800 MHz spectrum have been released for private networks. Sweden has gone one step further and allocated open Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for this type of local networks. Why not be the first in your block to deliver SIM cards in your own name?

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