Mobilize Your Business 2014

Mobilize Your Business event took place in Stockholm on the 6th of November, 2014. The event was organized by Mobilbusiness and Mobil in cooperation with Veckans Affärer and VA Telekommarknaden.

Different companies presented a wide range of use cases of mobile service applications. Due to quite a big number of participants it is impossible to mention all of the cases. Some the most interesting ones are briefly presented below.

Gamla Ullevi payment app

Gamla Ullevi payment app

Gamla Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg for payments during matches has provided a mobile application that combines all possible ways of payment together (that are credit cards, SEQR, WyWallet, and SMS).

Coop pilot with iBeacon in the store at T-Centralen

Coop pilot with iBeacon in the store at T-Centralen

A representative of Coop presented results of a test of iBeacon (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) at the store at T-Centralen. Application of the technology allows a dialog with consumers by providing tips and information about current discounts. In addition, it is possible to analyze the flow of consumers in the shop.

Another use of iBeacon was presented by entertainment park Lisaberg.

Opportunities of Facebook for business in improving company’s brand in the context of social media were illustrated by the example of Lufthansa campaign #inspiredby #travel that resulted in millions of impressions.

A number of mobile service use cases (by Screen Interaction and Länsförsäkringen Bank) illustrated consumer centered approach in application development. When applying this approach, the development of an applications begins from asking consumers what are their needs.

Overall, many speakers have mentioned that the main characteristics that mobile services must have are: easy to use and easy to integrate. These characteristics, by a big deal, define the success of a service.

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