Reflections from RNDM 2014

About RNDM

6th International Workshop on Reliable Network Design and Modeling (RNDM) was held in Barcelona this year on 17-19 November. It is a single track workshop covering reliability in both wireless and fixed networks, sponsored by IEEE Communications Society. This allows all the attendees to have fruitful discussions on their work during these three days.

The papers presented can be categorized in the following areas:

  • Resilient Routing
  • Reliability Analysis and Network design
  • Survivability in Cloud Networks
  • Resilience and Security in Mobile Networks
  • Survivability in Elastic Optical Networks

I choose to highlight one topic here in this blog although I found very interesting papers from other areas such as Survivability in Elastic Optical Networks, and Cloud Networks and Network Virtualization.

Network Energy Efficiency and Reliability Co-design

Energy Efficiency was raised as a trade-off matter together with reliability in one of the key note speeches. It is indeed a big challenge of next generation network design to overcome the trade-off between energy-cost efficiency and resiliency. Bart Lannoo from Ghent University gave a talk on “What is the Impact of Network Protection on the Energy-efficiency?” and presented an overview of different studies from Access Networks to Core Networks. Based on different Service Level Agreements where the level of reliability and availability requirements is stated, networks can be still energy efficiently operated and designed. Not all the network services require very high availability. This gives the freedom to network resources to operate adaptively to save energy.

About Cicek Cavdar

Cicek Cavdar is working as a researcher at Wireless@KTH and Communications Systems Department at the School of ICT at KTH under RSLab. She has finished her Ph.D studies in Computer Science, University of California, Davis in 2008 and in Istanbul Technical University(ITU), Turkey in 2009. After her PhD, she worked as an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering Department, ITU. Her research interests include design, performance analysis and optimization of telecom networks with focus on energy efficiency and resilience. Currently she is coordinating the EIT-ICT Labs project "5GrEEn: Towards Green 5G Mobile Networks".
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