Clean Power for Mobile Networks

The number of mobile subscribers are growing at unprecedented rate especially in developing countries. However, most of the population in these countries live in rural areas and it becomes challenging to provide electric power to the base stations in these remote areas. These base stations have limited or no access to grid power and the operators are using off-grid solutions like diesel generators, that are becomming expensive and are non enviromental friendly.

According to Pike Research, the most viable solution is to use clean and cost efficient renewable energy resources such as solar or wind energy. It is expected that nearly 4.5 % of the base stations in the world will be hooked to clean power by 2014. Since most of the energy is spent in cellular network itself, alot of research is going on in making network equipment energy efficient. Pike research believes that lower power requirements for base station makes the integration of renewable energy resources with cellular networks easier. It seems that in future, there is big opportunity for renewable energy bussiness in cellular networks especially in developing markets.

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