Would you like to have “Dislike Button” in your Facebook?

Do not be cheated by a virus when you see the promises to get install a “dislike button “on your facebook! This small symbol with the index finger down has been wanted by users and the creators of virus take this need as a good opportunity to spread virus!

Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos said that there is not an official dislike button offered by facebook and it seems that there will not be such a button. But what is the reason???? Some say that it is because facebook is a positive social network, but other experts think that it is because the advertisers do not want that! This sounds reasonable, facebook is one of the biggest platforms for advertisements and they make money from it, of course those advertisers do not want a “dislike” on their products! That would be a disaster for the business of the advertisers and facebook!

For the moment we cannot express our frustrations and dislike feeling with a button! Facebook argue that the way to show that you dislike something is not to “like it”! To me that it is completely true! I definetly dislike that answer!

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