The 22nd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2015): Beyond 5G and Post-Moore Law

From 27th – 29th April 2015, I attended the 22nd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2015), Sydney (, where I presented a paper titled “ Impact of the Flexible Spectrum Aggregation Schemes on the Cost of Future Mobile Networks”. The general theme for the ICT 2015 conference this year (in my view) was about the emerging technological innovations towards future mobile systems (5G and Beyond). In addition to the discussion of the 5G network architecture, Dr. Philipp Zhang, Chief Scientist gives a presentation about the required revolution roadmap at the circuit- design level.

In his presentation Dr. Zhang stated that “the era of exponential gains in microelectronics is coming to an end. That is why, there is an urgent need for new materials and circuit architecture designs  to overcome the physical scaling limits of the silicon transistor. The primary contender for the post-silicon computation paradigm is molecular electronics, a nano-scale alternative to the CMOS transistor.  Moreover, considering the foreseen requirements for future mobile networks (i.e. 5G and beyond), new breakthroughs in the radio-frequency (RF) front-end are required from 5G and beyond Terminals design Perspective. In this regard, the next generation of microelectronics technologies are expected to deal with challenges such as lowering power in Data converter technology and RF, supporting huge number of antennas (Massive MIMO), improving the poor efficiency of Power Amplifiers (PA) to support wide spectrum band operation up to 100 GHz.

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